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2018 Awards from New Flower Studio Body Piercing

Local Business Recognition 2018

corporate values. The operating philosophies or principles that guide an organization’s internal conduct as well as its relationship with its customers, partners, and shareholders. Core values are usually summarized in the mission statement or in the company’s statement of core values.

New Flower Studio is proud to be a member of Long Beach’s community of small businesses. Every small business was created by someone with a vision and a willingness to take the risk necessary to see it materialize. Also, every small business has its own corporate values that attract clients who share those values. The small business owner wants to provide products and services in a manner they can be proud of. This is often times more expensive and difficult to operate than large companies with more buying power and less interest in the local community. We all know the saying, “Thing Globally, Act Locally.” This phrase should remind us that the actions we take here and now have an impact around the world today and in the future.

With this in mind, we at New Flower Studio would like to present Eco Coffee with our first ever award recognizing their efforts to operate a local business in a manner that reflects an interest in the community both locally and globally.





Find Eco Coffee at 5475 Carson St, at Bellflower Blvd near the city college’s liberal arts campus. If you’ve not been there before go grab a latte and let them know you heard about them here.







Below, Eco owner Pete and his daughter Vivadia have just been told how much we appreciate their family business.

Sticking with the theme of corporate values, we also wish to show our gratitude to those with the most influence, the producers of the media we all see. Traditionally, in film and TV, tattoos and piercings were reserved for villains and other people of bad influence, so we can’t help notice when companies normalize piercing in their productions.

The piercing industry is booming. A big part of this is the improved ability of people with piercings to find work in positions that would have previously been out of reach, for no other reason than a visible piercing like nostril or septum. But now, if you haven’t seen teachers, doctors, or other professionals with piercings, you haven’t been paying attention.

We spent 2018 paying attention, looking for the companies who featured talent with visible piercings. We understand that it’s mostly business. If you’re marketing a product or service to young people who happen to like piercings, you’ll choose a spokesperson who wears piercings. However, we felt that credit should be given where credit is due.

Without endorsing any company, we’d like to show our gratitude for companies who positively portrayed piercing in their media. The following are not the only options, they’re the ones we felt best reflected our interests and normalized piercing. None of these were necessarily produced in 2018, but this is the year we saw them, meaning the content was made available to the public, so we feel it’s still relevant.

1. BBC Earth
Ice Age Giants episode Land of the Sabre Tooth

2. WealthSimple
Investment Company, promotional video model

3. FaceCase from WTFmails
Custom suitcase covers

If you see anything in 2019 please bring it to our attention! We’d love to add it to the list.

John Johnson
John Johnson is a professional body piercer at New Flower Studio in Long Beach, CA. He's also a Red Cross instructor and authorized OSHA trainer. He manages the online curriculum for the Association of Professional Piercers and is a member of ASTM International.