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Our piercers Vanessa, Monica, and John joined other members of the Association of Professional Piercers retreat in October. This year, 70 APP members met at a camp on Mt. Hood outside Portland, Oregon.

It was a great week of classes, workshops, presentations, and of course lots of fun. This was the fifth year of this event, open only to a limited amount of people, who must be APP members.

This was also the first time this event has been held outside the Atlanta area. To read about events like this and see more pictures make sure you subscribe to our monthly newsletter. The October 2019 issue was full of pictures and more information.

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John Johnson
John Johnson is a professional body piercer at New Flower Studio in Long Beach, CA. He's also a Red Cross instructor and authorized OSHA trainer. He manages the online curriculum for the Association of Professional Piercers and is a member of ASTM International.