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Covid 19

Covid-19 Pandemic Considerations

We at New Flower Studio care about our clients, staff, and the communities we all live and work in. At this time Los Angeles county, which includes Long Beach and Torrance, are under a stay-at-home order with a four phase plan for reopening businesses. Services like body piercing are non-essential and can’t be offered while maintaining social distancing. This places our business in phase three of the plan. We are currently in phase two and there is no known date for the beginning of phase three.

The decision to allow companies like ours to resume operation is made by the state of California, the county of Los Angeles, and the city of Long Beach as they see fit. We’re paying close attention to the information as updates are provided.

We’ll reopen our doors once the necessary health agencies allow it and our staff feels we have sufficient protocols in place for everyone’s safety. We’re also paying close attention to the Association of Professional Piercers as new protocols are being established specific to body piercing in the current pandemic.

Many of you have reached out to us during the stay-at-home order asking for appointments and house-calls for piercing services. Our studio has, and will, remain completely closed and all services will remain suspended until we’ve decided the timing is right and it’s allowed by the health department.

We understand people have different opinions of the pandemic and its risk management. When we finally reopen we’ll be grateful for your cooperation with the new way we provide services. The health and safety of everyone is important to us. This includes the health and safety of our staff. We promise to operate the safest possible studio. In return, we ask that our clients respect the new way we may be operating once open.

Once you arrive at our studio for your appointment call us, 562-363-5003. To enter our studio you’ll need to agree to the terms in the agreement below.

To be pierced you’ll need to fill out the form below. This link will not work until we’re piercing again.

The link below will open our written aftercare suggestions in a Word doc.

The link below will open our written aftercare suggestions in a PDF doc.

The link below will take you to our aftercare videos

When we start piercing again we’ll be by appointment only. At that time you’ll be able to use the link below.

Our studio already maintains an Exposure Control Plan as required by OSHA and an Infection Control and Prevention Plan as required by the state health code. Below is a list of additional standard operating procedures you can expect once we’re allowed to pierce again. This list will be amended as necessary.

  • Digital consent forms.
  • We now use a germicidal UV lamp capable of disinfecting air and surfaces.
  • We’re preventing our water from remaining stagnant during the closure to avoid the growth of legionella bacteria in our pipes. We’ve also drained our autoclaves to avoid the growth of bacteria.
  • We will have current laboratory spore test results for our autoclaves before reopening.
  • We will follow the D.C.P. -Distance, Clean, and Protect plan as established by the Association of Professional Piercers.
  • We will follow local requirements and guidelines.
  • We promise to be aware of current information as it’s made available.
  • Our studio will create new work practice controls and utilize new technology to manage the risk of Covid-19. All staff members will receive training and agree to compliance. This training will take place before any staff member is allowed to return to work.
  • We will limit the number of staff on duty at all times relative to the ability to maintain a minimum distance.
  • We will limit the number of visitors in the studio at all times relative to the ability to maintain a minimum distance.
  • We will limit the access to the studio to only those people needing or seeking services i.e., no companions (with exceptions determined by management.) Companions are welcome join the piercee on the phone with video.
  • We will temporarily shift to an appointment only basis.
  • We will offer video conferencing consultations as alternatives to in-store visits.
  • We will take and record the temperature of staff members at the beginning of each shift.
  • We will take and record the temperature of each visitor as they enter the studio using a no-contact thermometer.
  • We will deny entrance to all visitors and staff members with a temperature of 100.4°F/38°C or higher, a cough, sneeze, sore throat, or other general symptoms of illness.
  • We will require all staff members and visitors to wear nose/mouth protection (masks) in the studio.
  • When piercing, staff will wear a second plastic face shield.
  • We will limit our services to those considered by staff to be the lowest risk. This means some services will not be offered after the initial reopening.
  • All surfaces used during visitor interactions will be disinfected before and after each visit. This includes, but is not limited to the restroom and front desk.
  • We’ve installed a splash guard as a barrier between the front desk staff member and visitors.
  • Hand hygiene will be performed by staff between glove changes after each visitor interaction. 
  • All jewelry handled by visitors, but not purchased, will be disinfected before being placed back into storage or display.
  • We have placed marks on the floor to indicate the distance that should be maintained.
  • Visitors to the studio will be required to do hand sanitizing upon entering.
  • Front end staff will wear disposable gloves during all client interactions and replace them, at a minimum, after each interaction. 
  • Additional HEPA filters have been installed in the piercing rooms and the showroom. This is an increase from one to four. We now have air filtration that exceeds studio’s square footage and not just our decontamination area.
  • Doors will be opened for ventilation periodically throughout the workday according to CDC guidelines.
  • We will remove unnecessary objects like reading materials that may be touched by others and which are not easily disinfected
  • Touchless payments will be encouraged and may be required.

We appreciate your patience while we, and other businesses, figure out how to do what’s best for our customers and staff. Please remember our own safety is important to us and we’re kindly asking for our client’s cooperation once we’ve opened our doors again. The above list will be updated as necessary.