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Introducing the “C-19 Badge of Honor”

This heart design was the idea of both Black Raven Tattoo’s Tiffany Garcia and New Flower’s John Johnson. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a financial strain on industries around the world and body art like tattooing and piercing is no exception.

Tiffany and John were both aware of other local studios that refused to stop their operations even though a stay-at-home order was in place. Some studios even bragged openly on social media about their refusal to comply. As body art practitioners and business owners this was a hard thing to see.

Of course non-essential businesses refusing to close was not unique to tattoo and piercing studios, but they felt social distancing should have been respected by their colleagues in the name of public and workplace safety.

What Tiffany and John decided was we needed a simple little logo those of us who complied could use in our marketing and social media. So Tiffany created this interlocking heart design called the “C-19.” This symbol represents the connection we have as people affected by the stay-at-home order, the compliance necessary to shorten the pandemic, and the compassion we must share with each other while going through this unusually tough time.

We shared several versions of the C19 to show it can be adjusted to meet any studio’s brand if desired. We do in fact hope other businesses adopt the logo as a symbol of unity between those of us who complied during the pandemic, no matter the business. Hopefully customers will someday recognize and value this too.

If you’re a business owner or worker who complied with the stay-at-home order we’re grateful you did what was asked despite the financial risk. Doing so testifies to your corporate values and for that we salute you.

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John Johnson
John Johnson is a professional body piercer at New Flower Studio in Long Beach, CA. He's also a Red Cross instructor and authorized OSHA trainer. He manages the online curriculum for the Association of Professional Piercers and is a member of ASTM International.