Piercer Class Online

New Flower Studio body piercers joined each other online for distance learning tonight. Piercers around the world right now are missing their studios, clients, and each other. The Association of Professional Piercers offered a lecture online on the topic of nostril piercings to help offer some piercer connectivity.
Instructor Jef Saunders presented a wide range of topics such as anatomy considerations, troubleshooting, techniques, and jewelry variations. This was a great experience for about 700 attendees who joined in for the two offerings. Body piercing truly is a close and wonderful community and our staff is proud to be members.

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John Johnson
John Johnson is a professional body piercer at New Flower Studio in Long Beach, CA. He's also a Red Cross instructor and authorized OSHA trainer. He manages the online curriculum for the Association of Professional Piercers and is a member of ASTM International.