LONG BEACH- (562) 363-5003 / 1180 N. Studebaker Rd. #G, Long Beach, CA 90815 ***Piercing Services End Every Night at 7pm in Long Beach.*** TORRANCE- (424) 235-5916 / 1313 Sartori Ave, Torrance, CA 90501. Please visit the Torrance link below for availability. We are not yet operating with a regular schedule. There are no Piercing services in Torrance for minors.


Tegan Shmegan Body Piercing

Tegan’s goal as a Body Piercer of 5 years is to decorate you in the easiest, simplest, cleanest, and funnest way possible! She know’s everyone’s anatomy is unique and pays great attention to placement for every piece of jewelry she installs. She truly wants to give you something that looks fabulous. She sees each piercing as a custom fit tailored for the client. Our clients bring in the canvas and jewelry is her art. We know you’ll love your time with her.


What Else?

Tegan is the newest piercer on team New Flower. We’ll tell you more about her soon.



If you wish to be pierced by Tegan you’ll need to contact her directly. You can see her portfolio as soon as we have it ready. Tegan’s personal website is TeganShmegan.com.