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This New Piercing Trend Will Make You Stand Out

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Every once in a while a new piercing trend arrives. These are things we always have to look out for. But color theory and it’s importance is a constant. Each December, when Pantone announces their upcoming “color of the year” we blog about it here and write about it in our monthly email. You too can join our email list.

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The reason body piercers care so much about Pantone is because they determine the yearly and seasonal color palletes used by the fashion industry. We know our clients don’t buy their wardrobes with their body jewelry in mind, but they do buy their body jewelry to coordinate with their existing and evolving fashion sense.

Jewelry Photography by Angel Pimentel.

Color WheelThis year’s color is Ultraviolet. When you find the purple shades on the color wheel, you’ll notice that as they get darker the warm tones become complimentary. That means wearing this years clothes, which often include dark purple, will make your yellow accessories stand out.

The result is 2018’s body piercing trend being gold jewelry. Gold has been so popular this year that it’s the official theme of the Association of Professional Piercers’ annual conference in Las Vegas.

The image above shows a 14k yellow gold Rose from Body Vision Los Angeles. BVLA is the premiere jewelry designer for the piercing industry. This piece features a faceted Oregon Sunstone. Gold body jewelry from BVLA and other great designers is available at New Flower Studio. We hope to see you soon.


John Johnson
John Johnson is a professional body piercer at New Flower Studio in Long Beach, CA. He's also a Red Cross instructor and authorized OSHA trainer. He manages the online curriculum for the Association of Professional Piercers and is a member of ASTM International.