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Vanessa Jo

Vanessa Jo / Body Piercer

Vanessa Jo invites women looking for a female piercer to visit her in Long Beach. She also loves and sells Doterra essential oils products,

You’ll love working with Vanessa Jo. She’s our studio’s piercing stylist. She’ll make sure you get piercings and jewelry that compliment your personal look. With a little planning your piercings will appear coordinated and be an obvious fashion statement. That’s her specialty. She works with a lot of gold and makes sure our selection is always full of the most popular styles and designs. Vanessa Jo is a member of the APP.

Consultations with Vanessa Jo

Vanessa Jo has worked at some of the best studios in California and now calls New Flower home. She brings a special touch to our staff and has a loyal and diverse clientele. If you’re looking for a sophisticated and refined look to your body piercings she’s perfect for you. When you see her she’ll talk to you about the jewelry you normally wear and what you’re trying to achieve with your new piercings and jewelry. We all have a personal look and style and Vanessa will have no problem making sure you look your best.


Healthy living with doTerra essential oils

Vanessa Jo is passionate about natural products and the benefits of essential oils. When you visit the studio and ask her to tell you about her Good Sense Organics products she has to offer.

If you wish to be pierced by Vanessa you’ll need to contact her directly. Vanessa’s personal website is amazon coffee canister