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Queen! Anatometal’s crowns are here!

Yaas Queen

We are in LOVE with Anatometal’s Queen and King ends!

Memorial Day barbecues are around the corner, (Monday the 29th!) and what better way to make a statement than to crown your nose, lip or ear with one of these 18 karat solid gold ends. You deserve it! We currently have them stocked with 3mm Swarovski crystals in a clear, ruby and teal. We also carry heart shaped opals set in crowns (king and queen) from Anatometal that would look great in a conch or ear flat.




Anatometal Queen ends with Mystic Topaz

They are moving fast but don’t worry if the one you set your heart on isn’t in stock; we can special order whatever suits your fancy! Anatometal can also set the gems in reverse which is a gorgeous look. A reverse-set gem has a spikier, bolder profile that would really dazzle on a philtrum or lip.I’d love to see someone order a set with mystic topaz! Mystic topaz has what I call “mermaid” colors which would be a great choice for lounging by the beach this summer (or lagoon).




We also just received a HUGE gold ring order from Freyja! Freyja’s rings are 14 karat solid gold and we’ve stocked them in both rose and yellow gold so if you like it…

 single ladies GIF

Please consult one of our piercers to make sure your piercing is ready to withstand installing a ring! The last thing we want to do is irritate your cute piercing. There is no “one size fits all” ring because every ear and nose is unique. However, our piercers are expertly trained to find the perfect fit for your unique piercing. Keep in mind that it can often take 4-6 months after the initial piercing before a nostril can comfortably wear a snug-fit ring.

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