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Heal a Piercing
Our jewelry showroom in Long Beach, California. Heal a piercing.

Our piercing aftercare suggestions are intended to help you heal a piercing as quickly as possible and minimize complications.  When you visit the studio we’ll have you watch an aftercare video piercing aftercare. Also, we’ll give you the same information in writing. If you’ve already watched the video from this website let us know. The Association of Professional Piercers has a brochure specifically for minors. 

How it Works

Our information is simple and based on the idea your body heals itself. Simply put, we just want to help you let that happen.  We suggest vitamins, avoiding soaps and antiseptic products directly on the piercing, and thorough rinsing with plain water to remove debris from the area around a piercing. There are nearly no common antiseptic products you’re familiar with that will help you heal a piercing. We have a full line of products in the studio to meet any aftercare need you could ever have.

The Timeline

For most piercings we refer to the first three months as the initial healing time. This is about how long it takes to know if you’ll likely keep your new piercing long term.  For these first few months we suggest paying close attention to the information in our piercing aftercare presentation. During the first few months or more you’ll have many ups and downs as your body works to heal a piercing. How ever you may find the full healing time for many piercings is around a year. Patience is one of the most important parts of aftercare!  We suggest visiting us again for a check-up at about two weeks and again at three months. Of course anytime you have a concern you should come in.



Below is our current aftercare video for body piercings not in the mouth.


Below is our current aftercare presentation for piercings of the mouth.