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We are currently closed by the city due to COVID19.

We’re happy you’ve decided to let us give you a new piercing. We are operating with a strict COVID19 Risk Management Program. Many things have changed in our studio. You can find more information on our COVID-19 page.

Our protocols will be adjusted as necessary and remain within the requirements of city and state orders. We are still in a pandemic and there will be no exceptions. Thanks for cooperating with our staff.

  • The city and state are currently not allowing nose and oral piercing services. We will not be offering any sales or services for the nose or mouth. Please do not try and schedule an appointment for this. We are making no exceptions.
  • We are requiring appointments for all visits be scheduled online. This includes all sales and services.
  • We are not offering any services for, or sales to, minors. We are an 18+ studio now.
  • We are requiring properly worn masks during your entire visit.
  • We are only allowing one customer in the studio at a time. We are not allowing clients to bring additional guests inside.
  • We have both a COVID19 agreement for all visits and services (here) and consent form (here), for clients who are receiving a new piercing, online for you to complete before entrance to the studio. Please do not fill out these forms until the day of your appointment.
  • Please arrive for your appointment on time and call us from your car after your forms have been completed.

Our staff appreciates your respect and understanding regarding piercing services during this time of COVID19. Body art is considered a high risk service and the safety of our staff is important.

Our new policies keep us compliant with the state and city and are non-negotiable. If you visit our COVID19 page and aren’t comfortable with our current standard operating procedures please don’t schedule your appointment.

Here’s some things you should know about the appointment process. When you click through to schedule your appointment (in Long Beach only) you will be directed to a third party website called If this is your time first receiving a piercing or you have never been to our studio before you should also consider looking at our FAQ page.

Please contact a piercer directly if you have questions. Please be aware Monica has moved to the state of Florida.

The prices you’ll see when scheduling include the service fee and basic jewelry costs only. Jewelry prices can vary and influence the total price. For example, we have gold and genuine diamonds for many piercings. Tax is not included in the prices listed online.

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment please visit Clickbook again and do it electronically. We always do our best to stay on schedule, we ask clients to be on time for their appointments.

Be sure to visit the many pages on our website to learn more about body piercing and our studio. We’re glad you’re interested in being pierced by us and we’ll do our best to give you the most unique piercing experience possible in a studio like ours.

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