Appointments scheduled below are strongly suggested for all sales and services. 


Here’s some things you should know about the appointment process.

We strongly suggest all visitors to schedule their visit below, even for sales. John Johnson pierces at Black Raven Tattoo in Torrance. You can see his schedule on the main page.

Projected Piercer Schedule for March 2022

Saturday, March 26, Kenny is piercing
Sunday, March 27, Chelsea is piercing
Monday, March 28, Shwayze is piercing
Tuesday, March 29, Chelsea is piercing
Wednesday, March 30, Shwayze is piercing
Thursday, March 31, Shwayze is piercing

The prices you’ll see when scheduling include the service fee and basic jewelry costs only. Jewelry prices can vary and influence the total price. For example, we have gold and genuine diamonds for many piercings. Tax is not included in the prices listed online.

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment please visit again and do so electronically. We always do our best to stay on schedule, so we must ask clients to be on time for their appointments. When clients arrive late it affects others.

Return to this page, or the home page, the day of your appointment to submit your COVID19 agreement. Please do not fill this form out in advance.