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Body Piercing, Pandemics, and Stress

This time of year usually brings in a higher number of clients with irritated piercings. It happens to be finals for our clients in school. This period of stress lasts for a month or so and without self-care efforts the accumulative effects of stress can affect us physically.

For those of us with piercings, we can see irritation, bumps, and discharge with piercings we’ve had for years that seemed well healed. If this might be you we have a little advice for piercing and stress management that you might benefit from before visiting a studio during a time of social distancing.

When troubleshooting a piercing we consider many factors that influence the health or state of a piercing. The best example of this is the age of the piercing. A very fresh piercing and a very old piercing should naturally look and feel very different. In the case of a piercing being many months or years old and healthy, what would make a piercing become unhealthy? Either something happened that caused trauma, like catching it on a towel, or something changed like a new piece of jewelry. In the first scenario, the piercing is likely to heal up with maybe just a little help. However, if we can determine the piercing’s irritation is due to a change of some sort we need to reconsider what changed.

But what if a piercing is irritated and there’s no known (or obvious) cause? Stress may be the culprit. What’s the best way to manage stress related piercing problems? Managing stress.

Our approach to stress management is unique and personal for each of us. As piercers we can suggest a few things specific to basic piercing management when times are stressful.

Vitamin C with Zinc from TPCS is available at New Flower in Long Beach

First, if you’re not taking a good multivitamin supplement consider taking one. Vitamin C and Zinc are well known to support the immune system and tissue growth. Our studio’s piercing aftercare has always suggested this vitamin and mineral and we sell it at our locations in Long Beach and Torrance. A quick Google search will point you in the direction of other supplements that might be useful for minimizing the effects of stress.

If you’re trying to address a piercing that is already becoming inflamed, the most popular topical products are saline products. We have a few to choose from.

Neilmed’s wound wash spray is in stock at New Flower Studio in Long Beach.
Briotech saline spray is available at New Flower Studio.
Hygea saline wipes are available for purchase at New Flower Studio Body Piercing in Long Beach.

For some people saline tends to be too drying and adds to the problems of a stressed out piercing rather than helping. This is rare but it does happen. If you’ve experienced drying from other saline products you should consider Simple Care. It’s an effective formula that’s saline free.

Simple Care Piercing Spray is available at New Flower Studio.

With the Covid-19 coronavirus keeping us all on edge right now it’s easy to be overwhelmed with stress with everything else we have going on in our busy lives. Please take some simple steps towards stress management. We want to see all your piercings last forever and we want to see them nice an healthy in your Instagram pics.

As of March 16, 2020 our studio is considering limiting our hours through the end of the month as our contribution to social distancing. We want our staff to remain healthy as well as our clients. Before calling or visiting the studio please visit our website’s homepage to see our current hours and limitations.

The health department has not yet imposed any restrictions for body art but once they do we’ll be in complete compliance, and will return to normal hours and services as soon as restrictions are lifted.

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John Johnson
John Johnson is a professional body piercer at New Flower Studio and a resident of Long Beach, CA. He's also a Red Cross instructor and authorized OSHA trainer. He manages the online curriculum for the Association of Professional Piercers and is a member of AFDO. amazon coffee canister