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Covid 19

We are open for online appointments only

We at New Flower Studio care about our clients, staff, and the communities we all live and work in. We ask you to read through this page closely.

The city and state’s health agencies have created (and update) protocols for everyone’s safety regarding body art. Our studio has implemented measures that meet orders from both of these agencies. We’re also paying close attention to the Association of Professional Piercers as protocols for body piercing evolve.

We’re grateful for your cooperation with the new way we provide services. The health and safety of everyone is important to us. This includes the health and safety of our staff. We promise to operate the safest possible studio. In return, we ask that our clients respect the new way we are operating.

Once you arrive at our studio for your appointment fill out the necessary form (below) online before calling us, 562-363-5003. Please do not fill this out in advance of your appointment.

To enter our studio you’ll need to fill out the form below, only the day of your appointment. Please do not fill this out before the day of your piercing appointment.

To shorten the amount of time clients spend in our studio, we ask that you please review our aftercare suggestions below before arriving. The links below will open our written aftercare suggestions in a Word doc, PDF, and video formats.

You will find a link to scheduling at the bottom of this section.

Our studio already maintains an Exposure Control Plan as required by OSHA and an Infection Control and Prevention Plan as required by the state health code. We now have COVID19 worksite plans as required by the state of California and the body art orders by the city of Long Beach.

Below is a list of additional engineering and environmental controls we’ve implemented in addition to our advanced standard operating procedures. This list will be amended as necessary.

  • We now use a germicidal UV lamp capable of disinfecting air and surfaces.
  • We’ve reduced our seating to a single chair in the showroom since we’re only allowing a single guest at a time. This chair has been covered with a plastic barrier that is disinfected between clients.
  • We’ve rearranged furniture in our studio to accommodate social distancing.
  • We will follow all local requirements and guidelines.
  • We promise to be aware of current information as it’s made available.
  • Our staff has updated their work practice controls and are utilizing new technology to manage the risk of Covid-19. All staff members have received training and agreed to compliance. 
  • We will limit the number of staff on duty at all times relative to the ability to maintain a minimum distance.
  • We will work safely, but swiftly, to minimize the amount of time customers are in the studio.
  • We will be alternating rooms for services allowing disinfection and ventilation protocols to be as effective as possible.
  • We will limit the access to the studio to only those people needing or seeking services and have an appointment. There will be no additional guests. One visitor per appointment.
  • We will temporarily shift to an appointment only basis for all services and all visits. This is non-negotiable. Visits need to be scheduled on this website.
  • We require all staff members and visitors to wear nose/mouth protection (masks) in the studio until a piercer requests otherwise. This is non-negotiable.
  • All surfaces used during visitor interactions will be disinfected before and after each visit. This includes, but is not limited to the restroom and front desk.
  • We’ve installed a Plexiglass barrier at the front desk to distance our front end staff members from visitors.
  • Hand hygiene will be performed by staff between PPE changes, after each visitor interaction, and any other time as necessary. 
  • We have placed marks on the floor to indicate the distance that should be maintained.
  • Visitors to the studio will be required to do hand sanitizing upon entering.
  • Additional HEPA filters have been installed in the piercing rooms and the showroom. This is an increase from one to four. We now have air filtration that exceeds studio’s square footage and not just our decontamination area.
  • Doors will be opened for ventilation periodically throughout the workday according to CDC guidelines.
  • We will remove unnecessary objects like reading materials and other items that may be touched by others and which are not easily disinfected.
  • Touchless payments will be available and encouraged.
  • One staff member per shift will be responsible for working on the computer and managing the phone. In the event the alternate worker must use the phone or computer, these surfaces will be disinfected prior.

We appreciate your patience while we, and other businesses, figure out how to do what’s best for customers and staff. Please remember our own safety is important to us and we’re kindly asking for our clients’ cooperation.

When booking an appointment you’re agreeing to all new protocols in our studio. We are now operating very differently. amazon coffee canister