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Genital and Nipple Piercings for Beginners

Female nipple piercingsand male genital piercings and nipple piercings are available at New Flower Studio. If you have a specific piercer you would like to be pierced by you’ll need to contact them directly. You should call in advance and discuss your piercing interests with the piercer on staff. Not every piercer offers every piercing. Nipple and genital piercings are very common, but not all are offered by all piercers.

Visitors at least 18 years old may click here to see images of genital and nipple piercings.

Furthermore, each individual’s anatomy determines what we can or can’t offer. This is especially important with genital and nipple piercings. When you visit us, expect to have a consultation. We’ll look at you and determine if we can do the piercing you’re interested in. It also allows us to help you select jewelry. Like buying shoes, body jewelry is available in different materials, sizes, and styles. We’ll need to get you started with jewelry that will get you through at least the first couple weeks of healing. We’ll also discuss jewelry options for long-term wear.

Believe it or not, it’s not uncommon for these types of piercings to be someone’s first (or only) professional piercings. Women and men interested in genital and nipple piercings are often older than most other piercing clients. If this describes you, than we welcome you to New Flower Studio. You should be excited to know that modern body piercing actually started with these intimate piercings. 

Genital and Nipple Piercings for Experienced Clients

Intimate piercings aren’t significantly different than the ear, nostril, and navel piercings you may already have or be familiar with. This is the ultimate appreciation for what piercing has to offer. Many people you interact with have genital and nipple piercings you don’t know about! We pierce all kinds of people. Your coworkers, boss, bank teller, flight attendant, and teacher may all have piercings you can’t see. Once you’ve been pierced, you’ll soon know if it’s right for you. 

Genital and Nipple Piercings: What Now?

If you’ve read this far you must be interested in these piercings. Some clients are looking for functional piercings while some just want decoration. Only you know what you want from a piercing experience and we can help you through what may be unfamiliar territory. Look through our portfolios, come and see us in person, and let us talk about your vision.

Read about piercing history here. Learn more about piercing safety here.    

Visitors at least 18 years old may click here to see images of genital and nipple piercings. amazon coffee canister