If all goes well, we’ll limit the number of days without business to 102. The city has approved body art studios like tattoo and piercing to reopen in Long Beach on Friday, June 26th.

This means many studios are busy at this time reorienting themselves to operate in a new world full of COVID19 considerations. That includes compliance with new orders by both the city of Long Beach and the state of California. We’re required, for example, to have an outdoor sign indicating that social distancing is required in Long Beach.

Part of our pre-COVID19 safety practices include hands free devices as much as possible like trash cans and our paper towel and soap dispensers in the piercing rooms. These are well stocked and have working batteries as we’re only a few days from opening.

Planning to fail is failing to plan, as they say. Our studio is up to date with our Social Distancing Protocols required by Long Beach, and our COVID19 Worksite plan necessary for state compliance. This includes an updated Risk Assessment separate from the existing Exposure Control Plan.

Businesses around Long Beach are starting to look like this as they reopen. New Social Distancing Protocols have been established to keep workers and customers safe.

Part of our engineering controls includes the addition of three new HEPA filters that help clean the air from particles that may carry disease. Machines like this are commonplace in areas where studios like our decontaminate and sterilize certain things. We now have a total of four in our studio which means our coverage exceeds our total square footage.

We are working now by appointment only and are requiring these appointments to be scheduled online. If you wish to visit our studio for any reason we ask that you click here to learn more about how we’re operating.

Bleach is not a common element in the modern body piercing studio, it is however, the most practical method for disinfecting expensive Plexiglass barriers that you see in businesses now.

Preparing our studio to reopen has been a lot of work. Months ago we were unsure of how long we would be closed, but we knew we had to take measures to secure our valuables and prepare the studio for a long pause. If you’re reading this before Friday, June 26th, the studio is being prepped now for reopening. We hope you’ll visit newflowerstudio.com and schedule an appointment to see us for any piercing need you have.