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At the beginning of every year we include new features intended to pique the interest of our readers. This year we’ve created (what we believe is) the world’s first ever body piercing horoscope. We hope you find this entertaining, and if you wish to continue seeing this horoscope you’ll need to subscribe to our body piercing newsletter here. Starting in February 2022, this type of content is reserved for our subscribers.

♈ARIES: Fire Sign
Your first horoscope of 2022 recommends not relying on Instagram or Pinterest for piercing inspiration, at least this month. Piercing success will depend on restraint and caution, and patience will help you make great decisions about your jewelry and piercings. 2022 will increase in the number of new jewelry possibilities, therefore the horoscope for Aries advises to maintain patience and planning.
Lucky piercing: Nostril

♉TAURUS: Earth Sign
Throughout January 2022, you will enjoy favorable opportunities to strengthen your relationships with your favorite piercers, as well as to appreciate the beauty of your jewelry collection. The month is suitable for being active, but you’ll need to use caution to prevent snagging your jewelry and damaging your piercings. The heavenly constellation of January 2022 will encourage concentration at work work, but don’t forget stress can negatively impact your piercings, especially if they’re still healing. 
New Flower Taurus: Shwayze
Lucky piercing: Conch

♊GEMINI: Air Sign
During January 2022, the Gemini horoscope recommends focusing on fulfilling  piercing goals this year by focusing now on what is really important. Having clarity will lead you to a beautiful style early in the new year. Short visits to the studio for jewelry reviews and consultations are best undertaken in the first half of the month. At the same time, it is important to be smart about finances because the jewelry designers will all be competing to shorten their shipping times. This means there will likely be two or three boosts in jewelry options this year and you won’t want to spend your entire jewelry budget too soon.
New Flower Gemini: Chelsea
Lucky piercing: Earlobes

♋CANCER: Water Sign
January 2022 for Cancer is a period of rebuilding and rebranding. A time of great enthusiasm for body piercing with an increased number of aspirations. The Cancer horoscope advises against making large purchases and recommends smaller purchases of new piercings and jewelry throughout the next few months. Extravagance should be replaced with simplicity. Three small pieces of gold jewelry is just as beautiful is one large piece. Towards the end of the month, it is advisable to carefully assess the health of your piercings before committing to anything new.
New Flower Cancer: Squeeze
Lucky piercing: Helix

♌LEO: Fire Sign
The horoscope for January 2022 suggests that a Leo copes with a sometimes difficult need, to not be competitive with other people’s piercings and jewelry. Envy is not a good trait so the best piercing strategy is to focus only on new piercings and jewelry that expresses your own fashion sense that you can be proud of without comparing yourself to others. Keep your piercing plans for the first few months realistic by being focused on what you want to pierce. Postpone large jewelry purchases until spring. By then there should be plenty of jewelry in the studio that matches the Pantone Color of the Year.
New Flower Leo: Tiffany
Lucky piercing: Nostril

♍VIRGO: Earth Sign
The Virgo horoscope for January 2022 recommends finding the optimal balance between impulsivity and planning. The month is characterized by healthy piercings, secure jewelry, and opportunities for showing off new jewelry. However, Virgos sometimes posess excessive perfectionism and some detachment from reality. You need to consider the feasibility of your goals, and in moving towards them, you should choose only what you’re allowed to wear at work and school. In January 2022, think decisively and independently, but it pays to remain tactful and discreet. Use caution with your piercings while participating in sports and it is better to postpone large purchases for a couple months. Buy some new jewelry, but remember, simple can still be sophisticated.
Lucky piercing: Conch

♎LIBRA: Air Sign
The Libra horoscope for January 2022 shows that your main piercing trends of the month favor an increase in ambition and courage. You may lean towards extravagance when inside New Flower Studio’s showroom. This can work in your favor if you work in an environment where piercings are appreciated. But the Libra horoscope calls for peace and balance in both personal and material spheres. Throughout January, expect to experience fruitful interactions as people admire your piercings, but you’ll need to take care to keep them healthy.
Lucky piercing: Earlobes

♏SCORPIO: Water Sign
January 2022 is a great time for Scorpios to move forward with their piercing ideas. Initiative and courage will help you reach your goals in the piercing studio as well as work. At the same time, the horoscope advises to act with caution, avoiding too many new piercings which may slow the overall healing time. Using your creative energy effectively will require self-discipline to allow other piercings to heal before getting new ones. Communicating your interests clearly to your piercer can be a daunting task this month. The horoscope recommends treating yourself to something fun.
Lucky piercing: Helix

January 2022 for Sagittarius will be marked by the emergence of a new piercing idea and a lot of opportunities for jewelry upgrades for existing piercings. Your friends who also have piercings will offer inspiration and support for the implementation of your piercing and jewelry plans. Determination will lead you to the studio and dedication will orient you towards success with your new piercing this month. The Sagittarius horoscope warns, you shouldn’t tackle several piercings at once this month. It is recommended to take care of a single new piercing by refraining from additional impulsive piercings.
Lucky piercing: Nostril

♑CAPRICORN: Earth Sign
The January 2022 horoscope recommends Capricorns to enjoy self care and to replace mismatched jewelry with items that compliment your style. If you have piercings that don’t seem to be healthy, this is the month to have them examined by a piercer. Vigorous physical activity and hard work in January will become a source of enjoyment, but keep your jewelry secure. The early months of the year are good for personal growth and finding harmony with your jewelry. Wearing jewelry you love will contribute to your well-being. The Capricorn horoscope claims that January 2022 is favorable for ambitious piercing plans.
New Flower Capricorn: Diana
Lucky piercing: Conch

The January 2022 horoscope indicates Aquarius will experience a happy January for existing piercings, the acquisition of new piercings, and social interactions where your piercings will be admired. Increased curiosity about professional piercing will lead you down the rabbit hole of online research about piercing. However, the horoscope does not recommend going against the advice of experienced piercers who want to see your piercings heal for long term wear. The Aquarius horoscope shows that the desire to have nice piercings is balanced by well fitted jewelry so downsize wherever possible. 
Lucky piercing: Earlobes

♓PISCES: Water Sign
The Pisces horoscope for January 2022 suggests a month of gem color ideas and many opportunities for their implementation. An attentive attitude to your ideas and your piercer’s ideas can give rise to new interesting jewelry projects. January 2022 promises Pisces the support of their pierced friends, which will include sharing piercing images on Instagram and telling you what they think will look good on you. One has only to heed the recommendations of the horoscope, showing creativity and open mindedness when considering new jewelry purchases. The planets tell you to limit new piercings to only three.
New Flower Pisces: John
Lucky piercing: Helix



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