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If you’re familiar with this blog, or our piercing studio’s monthly newsletter, you already know that Long Beach body piercer John Johnson is a member of the Association of Professional Piercer’s (APP) Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Committee. Because of this he has opportunities to speak to health inspectors and other regulators about body piercing safety.

Health Inspectors meet with body piercer to discuss body art safety.

In December, 2023, body piercer John Johnson flew to Alabama to attend, and speak at the state’s health association’s annual education conference (AEC)

For three chilly days, the Joe Wheeler Lodge hosted Alabama’s health inspectors, department directors, and a single body piercer.

John Johnson has a long history of volunteering for the Association of Professional Piercers and represents the interests of safe piercing on the NEHA, AFDO, and BAEA body art committees. This often includes speaking to event attendees interested in learning about body art safety.

The Association of Professional Piercers is an international non-profit organization that provides health and safety information about body piercing. The association is a popular, and effective, resource for health departments around the U.S. and even the world!

APP member and body piercer from Long Beach

Health inspectors often have questions regarding modern piercing equipment, jewelry, standards, and techniques. Members of the association’s legislative committee often consult with counties and states creating or updating their health codes that include body piercing.

body piercer and educator John Johnson

John’s presentations in Alabama covered the topics of modern decontamination and sterilization practices in body piercing studios as and also how the concept of universal precautions are applied to the body piercing environment.

Body piercer John Johnson attended the Alabama Environmental Health Association's AEC

The image above features the keynote address at the opening of the event.

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