New Flower Studio Body Piercing

Once again, COVID19 statistics have exceeded the established limits set by the state, county, and city health departments. As expected by most of us in the body art industry, we’ve been shut down again by the health department.

At the time of this post*, on December 6, 2020, the new order to close seems to be only from the city of Long Beach. The state’s official COVID19 site currently doesn’t prohibit body art.

Below are screenshots of the official press release on the Long Beach city’s website. This press release doesn’t offer any possible end to the closure date so we have to assume it’s indefinite until further notice.

Previous news of upcoming closures were vague regarding which personal services would be affected. We now know for certain that body piercing is on the list of businesses to close.

New Flower will continue to be compliant with all health orders. We do hope to be open again soon and wish you all a wonderful and safe holiday. If you have piercing related issues see our blog post on this topic from March 16th. To stay informed with our studio’s status please join our monthly newsletter below.

*This information has since changed.

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