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In July 2024, The Association of Professional Piercers (APP) hosted their 27th annual educational event for piercers from a total of 37 countries. Piercers like us take body piercing education seriously.

Before the Piercing Conference

A conference like this takes a full year to organize and plan for. In fact, The planning committee is always working on the details of multiple conferences in the future.

New Flower’s John Johnson, from Long Beach, California drives many conference related supplies and gear. This requires him to drive to Vegas a few days in advance to help get the event set up.

The image above shows the massive amount of items the association has in storage that needs to be delivered and picked up before and after this body piercing conference.

The association’s administrator examines the event’s welcome arch after installation.

Association staff members, like John from New Flower Studio, meet days before the event to discuss logistics and details with Planet Hollywood’s managers.

Conference organizers tour Planet Hollywood’s additional facilities for future opportunities.

The APP conference has seen a lot of growth in recent years and the association must plan ahead.

Once volunteers start arriving meetings and training begin.

You might call this the command center for the APP’s piercing conference.

Instructor Rob from Prysm in Iowa uses the green room to rehearse his class.

John from New Flower and APP Board Member Barron rehearse their first class for body piercers.

Other Fun Stuff Piercers Do

Once again, John from New Flower took a tour of the Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas.

The museum attracts visitors all over the world to see this collection of memorabilia and history.

This year’s tour guide was Monkey from England’s Adicts.

The Battle Bots arena is a short walk from the body piercing education conference. John made a trip with fellow piercer Rich from Iconic in Detroit.

Place your bets.

Body Piercing Education

Conference begins with Monday morning’s Orientation where John gets to welcome attendees to conference.

Pictures are taken of APP instructors and staff members for promotions throughout the next year.

Piercing classrooms look like this at the APP conference.

This is what a regulations panel looks like with a NEHA coordinator, two health inspectors, and two members of the APP’s Legislation Committee.

Lines can be very long for the many classes popular with body piercers wanting to hear industry leaders speak.

Piercing education includes information about regulations too.

Piercing Conference in Las Vegas

Kenny from New Flower was a speaker at the APP conference along with friend Cozmo from Virtue and Vice in Atlanta.

Health inspectors from around the U.S. got to take a special tour of the vendor expo and see high quality body jewelry up close.

Health Inspectors also got a special tour of the Body Piercing Archive’s exhibit of the Grangers.

The image above features health inspectors and piercers who work with legislation for the body piercing industry who met each other at this piercing education event in Las Vegas.

Piercing Conference in Las Vegas

Evening events, like this workshop on marking the skin for piercings, are popular.

Cale from the APP’s board of directors and Stuart from APP Benalux organized piercer trivia as an evening event.

Piercing Conference in Las Vegas

\2023 New Flower visitor J’son was also a speaker at this year’s conference discussing piercing history in India.

Gus from Florida is the only person to attend all 27 APP conferences. This year they celebrated his birthday.

Piercing Conference in Las Vegas

Conference volunteers.

To quote Bob Marley: “good friends we have and good friends we’ve lost,
along the way, in this great future, you can’t forget your past…”

The week closed with a special volunteer dinner.

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