John Johnson pierces at Black Raven Tattoo in Torrance. See him next Thursday and Friday, June 1st and 2nd, 11am-5pm.

New Flower is now presenting its satellite location, inside Black Raven Tattoo in Torrance. Expect to see the same quality products and services that you see in Long Beach. John Johnson is piercing at Black Raven Tattoo just twice a week. Please see the schedule above. Email with any questions regarding piercing in Torrance.

Body Piercing in Torrance

“ Black Raven Tattoo is the long awaited dream of veteran Artist Tiffany Garcia. As an artist with over 25 years in the industry she had decided it was about time to open her own and fill it with like minded individuals who also happen to have diverse styles to offer clients a wide range of specialties. Black Raven is also the very first licensed tattoo shop in the city of Torrance, seated in the heart of Old Town Torrance. We have created an environment that is welcoming to our diverse clientele, you will find kind and talented artists here waiting to accommodate you and make your artistic dreams come true.” –

Body piercer John Johnson and tattoo artist Tiffany Garcia worked together for many years at the world famous Outer Limits and have each gone on to open their own studios. It’s no surprise that when the opportunity to join forces they jumped at the chance. Read Tiffany’s bio below:

“Tiffany started her tattooing journey in the early nineties. This journey has given her the privilege to attend numerous conventions throughout the United States and abroad, and obtain many guest spots at various shops throughout the country, always making connections, learning and growing from her experiences, which has given her the ability to deeply connect with clients and create meaningful images from the raw ideas swirling around in her client’s head. Body Piercing in TorranceAlong the way her style has gone through numerous changes as she was met with the fads that have come and gone in the tattoo industry as well as the challenge of adapting to the request of her enigmatic clients whose requests very from strange and complex to sentimental and simple. Tiffany has also been able to find inspiration in fellow artists that she has had the pleasure to work with over the years. This has allowed her to form her own creative, unique and playful artwork. Some of her clients have said that her tattoos have the ability to heal the soul, others say she is an Empath, a few even say she is a Pirate, regardless she will always do her best to make you smile from the moment you sit in her chair and for years to come as you continue to admire the artwork she shapes for you.”29t