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Welcome to our blog about our 2024 body piercing newsletter. Thousands of piercing enthusiasts from the Long Beach area read our monthly email featuring pictures, information, and news from the world of body piercing.

People celebrate for many reasons. Celebration connects us through shared values, milestones, cultural traditions, and also reminds us we’re members of a community. The outward expression of celebration, such as a festival, provides an opportunity to express joy, gratitude, and acknowledgement of our collective identity.

body piercing newsletter

Holidays and other cultural celebrations honor historical events, beliefs, or heritage, which foster a sense of continuity and shared history. Achievements are cause for the celebration of growth, progress, and realization of goals. Celebration disregards our differences and brings us together on a common ground of human experience.

For those of us who work in the body piercing industry, and the most enthusiastic piercing clients, piercing is a subculture of its own and an expression of how we see the world. For most of our customers, piercing is a form of self-expression, a means of stylizing their personal aesthetics, similar to how they select their hair style, clothes, and other accessories.

2024 body piercing newsletter

For others, body piercing holds different importance, such as rites of passage, social affiliations, or even religious devotion. Getting pierced puts us on a personal journey, a courageous step towards self-discovery, expression, and empowerment. That’s a great reason to celebrate.

This year’s newsletter serves as a festival of sorts, a celebration of body piercing divided into twelve issues in twelve months. We invite you to join us. Click below.

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