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New Flower Studio’s monthly body piercing newsletter has a few thousand readers and in 2024 we introduced a new segment for them to anonymously ask us body piercing questions. We received more questions than we expected in our first month and decided to address the extras here. Thanks for reading.

Body Piercing Questions

Reader #1:

“My navel piercing was performed by John Johnson and isn’t fully healed at the 5-month mark (still pretty red inside), yet I want to go swimming in a pool. I’ve heard mixed opinions from other piercers on using waterproof bandages for navels. Some say they are a breeding ground for excess moisture and to simply avoid swimming until the piercing is fully healed. What are YOUR thoughts on using waterproof bandages for a healing navel piercing?”
Our aftercare guidelines suggest a navel piercing may have an initial healing time of 4-6 months, and for some people longer. This can be a rollercoaster experience with some periods being ups, and others being downs. We believe rinsing periodically with saline, keeping debris away from the piercing, avoiding chemical products, and taking a good vitamin C and zinc supplement can all be great for helping a piercing heal, especially slower healing piercings like navels and nipples.

It’s not unusual that your piercing is still sensitive at five months, but we definitely want it to feel and look better once we reach six months. Waterproof bandages are great for protecting your navel piercing during swimming. We don’t suggest wearing them long term, but we love swimming too and want you to enjoy yourself. Feel free to schedule an appointment for a consultation on our website if you’d like a piercer to study your piercing up close. We also take walk-ins until 5pm. You can also find John’s schedule at Black Raven Tattoo in Torrance on the front page at newflowerstudio.com.

Reader #2:

“What’s everyone’s favorite random thing?”
For context, we interpreted this question to be what our favorite random piercing thing is. When you love something as much as we love piercing, how do you pick a favorite thing???

Brielle said her favorite is adding new piercings to an ear that already has some. Existing piercings give her a starting point to work around, and add new jewelry designs with placements that create a new complex look. Parker says he enjoys double piercings on the same side of the body, like two left nostrils or two right eyebrows. These present an interesting look and with the right jewelry he says make someone’s piercings really stand out.

Kenny reported that he loves staying on top of the newest designs released by the highly competitive jewelers. He appreciates that his clients pay such close attention to the brand names and allow him to help them upgrade and rearrange their style.

Jay says she likes helping clients find the special “center piece” jewelry to work around. Selecting a single design as the focus of a piercing project helps give her vision for future suggestions and add-ons.

Squeeze, who has the most years of experience out of everyone at New Flower says his favorite thing about body piercing is the history. While piercing (in its current form) has only been around since the 1970’s, there’s a lot of evolution, creativity, and people responsible for all the things we love today.

Caity’s favorite thing is when client’s replace their old and off-brand body jewelry with new quality pieces. They regularly feel it makes them love their old piercings again and she says that’s exciting to witness.

John’s favorite thing about body piercing is the growing field of education which helps legitimize the industry in the eyes of regulators. This helps keep piercing safe and fairly regulated.

Reader #3

Is there a tool I can purchase to hold the jewelry while removing the top; thereby switching out the the decorative piece of jewelry?
When we can’t access the backside of the jewelry with our fingers, like in a nostril piercing, we use small mosquito forceps similar to tweezers you might have at home. We have to be very careful to not scratch the surface of the post, especially if the piercing is still healing. Sometimes people wrap a small amount of tape around the serrations at the end of their tweezers to prevent scratching. We hope you can successfully change your jewelry soon so you can change your look anytime.

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