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San Francisco is home to the closest thing to a legitimate “body piercing school” in our industry, the Fakir Intensives. Piercers from around the world have been adding their names to long wait lists since 1991 to attend these classes.

New Flower Studio’s Kenny attended the Fakir Intensives last year, our newest Brielle is also a graduate, and now John from New Flower. This body piercing school is named after Fakir, read our blog here.

Dustin Allor is a long time resident instructor at these piercing intensives.

Becky Dill from Lemonade is an instructor who specializes in genital piercings.

Cody Vaughn is an instructor at the Intensives.

Ken Coyote is seen here discussing body piercing aftercare.

Ian Bishop from Icon is another long time instructor at the Fakir Intensives body piercing school.

Below, Becky Dill pierces fellow piercing instructor Jef Saunders during a demonstration.

Above, New Flower’s John Johnson receives a piercing. Below, her returns the favor while instructor Kody Vaughn supervises.

Ken Coyote pierces John’s Daith while students watch.

You can read more about Fakir Musafar on the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) website here and the Body Piercing Archive’s (BPA) site here.

Our piercer John Johnson receives his certificate from senior instructor Ken Coyote.

The person known as Fakir Musafar passed away in 2018, but is celebrated by those who love piercing the way he loved piercing. His instructors continue his work and his classes continue to fill to capacity. See him in video here.

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