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We love to sell gold jewelry at our studio, that’s a known fact, especially Vanessa and Selene.  We hear clients say they can only wear gold all the time.  Many times it’s by someone wearing other materials in piercings already.  So it’s obvious, they don’t have to wear only gold.  In this situation the client is usually referring their ear lobe piercings.  This client has probably had their ears pierced many times and never saw them heal well, except when they wore gold.

What’s usually happening is they never had jewelry that their body could tolerate.  Different people will do better or worse than others with better/lower quality jewelry.  Nearly every single person will do just fine with (implant standard) stainless steel and titanium.  These materials can be thought of as having minimum standards in quality.  Someone with sensitivities can change their jewelry 100 times, but until they wear the minimum quality their particular body and immune system can tolerate, they’ll have problems, and we’re all a little different from each other.  Changing low quality jewelry with other low quality jewelry won’t give anyone positive results.  But if you skip the implant standard materials and go to gold, and have positive results, than you have the appearance of needing gold.

We really love gold body jewelry, and our selection is always expanding, but we discourage clients from spending the extra money for gold if they think they must wear it to heal.  We almost always see people with sensitivities do fine with high quality steel and titanium, even though they thought they needed gold.  Partially because they never wore true implant materials before, but also because of the high polished surface finish of better jewelry.  Polish is as important as the material and most clients don’t know what to look for.

Ultimately, we want to sell you gold and acclaimed items from Metal Couture.  We really do.  But selling it to you because you’re convinced you have no other choice may mean spending money you didn’t need to for a healthy piercing.  If you’re one of these clients with bad experiences healing piercings and suspect metal sensitivities visit us and let us talk about your piercing history and maybe we can work out some good options.  And if you happen to love the look of gold, great!

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