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While COVID19 prevented the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) from hosting their annual educational conference in both 2020 and 2021, they were able to bring back the much smaller camp event exclusive to members.
Since its beginning in 2015, most Camp APP events have taken place at sites outside of Atlanta. 2019 is the exception, when APP members met outside Portland, OR. That year, the event included the first ever body piercing team relay event where professional piercers complete piercing related tasks in a friendly competition. This requires the first ever body piercing referees, New Flower Studio’s John Johnson and Lemonade’s Becky Dill.
This event is always limited to APP members. This year, due to COVID safety, attendees were required to have proof of vaccination as well as a pre-event negative test.
As much fun as attendees have at the event, it’s still an educational event with presentations and workshops each day.
An evening campfire like this is an opportunity to share a common space to reflect on our industry, careers, and the members of our community we’ve lost in the last year.
Workshops like the one pictured above feature small groups of piercers who rotate around a schedule of presentations.
Here, piercers are given the challenge of placing jewelry on an ear while remaining within the specific parameters given to them.
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