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Being a member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) is something most body piercers aspire to. Once a member, piercers are eligible for certain perks, particularly when it comes to continued education. With the exception of 2020, the APP started hosting an event titled “Camp APP” in 2017. This four day retreat, exclusive to members, brings an international group of piercers to either rural Georgia or Oregon for community building, learning, and drinking hot chocolate near the fire. Below is a series of images from the 2022 Camp APP event outside Atlanta in October.
New Flower’s John Johnson starts Camp APP each year with the first presentation. It’s an incredible experience to start the day with a great breakfast, unlimited amounts of coffee, and a fun presentation next to a fire.
This year’s theme was Dungeons & Dragons and John’s first of two speaking events this year explored the parallels between the advancement of a D&D character’s abilities and a piercer’s abilities as well as the way a character’s and a piercer’s strengths and weaknesses fit into the environment they’re in where they must cooperate with others with the same goals.
In the above image, piercers huddle around Brian Skellie who is explaining the functions of different components of autoclaves.
Here, Camp APP’s three cooks, John Johnson, Matt Bavougian, and Rich Hartwick discuss dinner responsibilities for a meal that must feed 72 hungry piercers.
Classes and workshops take up most of the time at camp.
Each year, one of the biggest events at Camp APP is “Piercing Ninja Warrior” which features 6 teams of piercers who compete for the shortest time in a series of tasks commonplace in a piercing studio. The winning team is allowed to defend their title the following year. Many of you will recognize former New Flower Piercer Vanessa Jo in the right of the above image.
New Flower’s John Johnson is one of two Piercing Ninja Warrior referees and isn’t afraid to throw the penalty flag which adds 10 seconds to a teams final time.
This picture taken shortly after sunrise shows an unknown piercer attempting to earn a beaver patch.
New Flower’s Kenny Crespo is having late night talks with a colleague.
Here, Kenny is speaking up during a discussion to share his thoughts.
In this picture Rob Hill leads a workgroup.
Kenny Crespo and John Johnson join other piercers for tea and conversation. Camp APP provides rare moments like these.
Piercers here are standing around Johnny Pearce leading a demonstration.
The camp’s dinner bell alerts piercers who may be in their cabins or on trails far from the main hall that an event, such as lunch or a class, is about to begin.
Of course APP members enjoy story telling and smores around the fire.
Many cabins had a fireplace.
Kenny Crespo watches a laser welding demonstration.
Camp APP piercers…
Juggling was a workshop for learning new skills.
This late night picture doesn’t illustrate just how cold it got. We appreciate you visiting our body piercing blog and we hope to see you in our Long Beach, California studio soon.
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