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CPR Training for Piercers

Accidents and emergencies can happen at any time, and any where. If you don’t already have a current (two year) Red Cross certificate, we’re happy to help with your CPR training. Body art studios are our favorite. It’s not uncommon for body art practitioners like piercers and tattooers to maintain first aid and CPR certificates. […]

Body Piercer from Long Beach Attends Sterilization Conference

John Johnson, a body piercer from New Flower Studio’s Torrance satellite location, is a member of the Healthcare Sterile Processing Association and attended their 2024 educational event in Las Vegas. He’s a graduate of Central Sterilization Solutions and uses what he learned for body piercing education. Education Despite all the fun and games of an […]

Piercing Presentations from Long Beach Piercer

Long Beach Body Piercing

New Flower Studio’s John Johnson is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) and a member of their Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee. He sometimes travels to environmental health events to deliver piercing presentations. John recently traveled to Missoula, Montana to speak to health inspectors in that state about piercing safety. Last year […]

Long Beach Small Businesses

New Flower Studio Body Piercing Long Beach Vegan

Several small businesses in Long Beach, and other places, are contributed donations and raffle prizes to the event at New Flower Studio body piercing in Long Beach on March 17th, 2024. Thanks to all of you who joined us. We hosted local Long Beach Yoga teacher and author Nicoal Renee who spoke to us about […]

Long Beach Author Special Event

Punk Rawk Yogi

New Flower body piercing customers spent an evening with the Long Beach author of “Plant Powered Pussy” at New Flower Studio Body Piercing in Long Beach on Sunday, March 17th. We surveyed our monthly newsletter readers about their interest in special events at our Long Beach piercing studio. Turns out, they’d love to see us […]

Body Piercing Questions January 2024

New Flower Studio’s monthly body piercing newsletter has a few thousand readers and in 2024 we introduced a new segment for them to anonymously ask us body piercing questions. We received more questions than we expected in our first month and decided to address the extras here. Thanks for reading. Reader #1: “My navel piercing […]

Good Time Charlie Cartwright Visits Black Raven Tattoo in Torrance

Good Time Charlie

At nearly 83 years old, Charlie Cartwright, yes the famous tattoo artist known as “Good Time Charlie,” still attracts an audience that appreciates his contributions to tattooing, especially in the Los Angeles area. He’s known throughout the tattoo world for his modern art in a traditional style. The staff at Black Raven Tattoo in Torrance […]

2024 Body Piercing Newsletter

body piercing newsletter

Welcome to our blog about our 2024 body piercing newsletter. Thousands of piercing enthusiasts from the Long Beach area read our monthly email featuring pictures, information, and news from the world of body piercing. People celebrate for many reasons. Celebration connects us through shared values, milestones, cultural traditions, and also reminds us we’re members of […]

Peach Fuzz Announced as Color of the Year by Pantone

Get ready for a new year of style and fashion with Peach Fuzz, a soft color that sits between pink and orange, again, Pantone has made a great choice for 2024. Body piercers around the world, like us, wait patiently each December for Pantone to make the big announcement, the Color of the Year. Our […]

Body Piercing Message for December

Welcome to our monthly body piercing message. Especially big welcome to those of you in, or near, Long Beach, California. Below is the solution to our final piercing crossword puzzle. This was the special feature of our 2023 monthly email that went out to thousands of piercing enthusiasts and clients of New Flower Studio. If […]

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