Using the term “constellation” to refer to a set of piercings is not exactly new. Not too long ago the catch phrase “curated ear” was being used by piercing clients to describe custom piercing projects to accommodate the client’s unique anatomy. The thing is, this is normal practice for any piercer, we’ve always worked with the features of the client’s anatomy. This isn’t a new concept. All that changes is the terminology as it evolves with each new generation of young piercing clients. 

As the Daith piercing myth seems to have nearly gone away, we now have the diagram at the top of the page floating around social media featuring ears with points for piercing said to resemble the constellations of the night sky. In our studio, requests for ear piercings like the ones depicted are not unusual. Something to consider is how the piercings in the image will look without the guidelines drawn in. It won’t be obvious there’s a “constellation” on the ear. Any collection of well placed piercings with equally nice looking jewelry will look great. But without the guidelines, there’s no real resemblance to any astronomical constellation.

Before pursuing sophisticated and sometimes complicated ear projects like these, please remember a few things. Not everyone’s anatomy is going to be suitable for every piercing. Also, these projects can be very expensive. Consider that each piercing includes a service fee and the cost of jewelry. Most single piercings like these have an average starting cost of about $90. The more valuable the jewelry you favor, the more expensive the total cost will be.

Also, the more piercings you receive at once, the harder it becomes for any of them to heal. A general rule of thumb is only three healing piercings at once. Depending on how many piercings someone wants, projects like these may take several months to complete and may be difficult to keep all of them healthy for long term wear.

Lastly, keep in mind we’re still in a pandemic and all possible risk management measures are being utilized in our studio. Before visiting our studio please follow the link below.