The city of Long Beach requires social distancing protocols to be established for businesses who have reopened and additional standards for personal care establishments, which includes body art like tattooing and body piercing studios.

The state of California also has their own requirements for a COVID19 Worksite specific plan. Our piercing studio is, and will remain, compliant with all orders once we reopen on Friday, June 26th.

We are still in a pandemic and it’s no less important to work safely than it was two or three months ago. Our studio has strengthened our environmental controls, engineering controls, work practice controls, and increased our personal protective equipment. To make it all come together we’ve had our staff training day and feel we’re as prepared to work as safe as any piercing studio on earth can be.

We’re happy to announce that we’re now allowing appointments to be scheduled through the website. This must be done for all visits and we’re already seeing many people make their appointments.

If you’d like to visit our studio start with the link below. Our studio is now operating much differently than we have in the past. There are many protocols in place and to minimize any confusion we kindly ask you to study the site.