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Accidents and emergencies can happen at any time, and any where. If you don’t already have a current (two year) Red Cross certificate, we’re happy to help with your CPR training. Body art studios are our favorite.

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It’s not uncommon for body art practitioners like piercers and tattooers to maintain first aid and CPR certificates. It’s often required for memberships in professional organizations like the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). CPR training is available from New Flower Studio in Long Beach, California.

New Flower Studio Body Piercing (Long Beach) owner John Johnson is a trainer for the American Red Cross and often offers classes to body piercers. John and Kenny from New Flower recently traveled to Rose Body Piercing in San Diego to provide their staff, and other piercers from the area, with CPR and First Aid training.

cpr training

If you, or your organization would like to have training in Southern California email us at info@newflowerstudio.com. We have space for a small group, but we can also travel to you. It may really pay off one day to have your company prepared for emergencies.

CPR Training

On this particular day we visited Rose Body Piercing in San Diego, who invited some of their piercer friends from other area studios. Everyone had a great time and practiced their potentially life saving skills.

If you’re in the Long Beach area and need piercing services, we’d love to see you in our studio. Click the button below to schedule a visit. Also, if you enjoy content like this, we invite you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter below.

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