Long Beach Body PIercing
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The internet has made the world much smaller. Social media has created the ability for trends (and often misinformation) to spread at nearly the speed of light. This is how a lot of piercing ideas become popular. But in piercing, we often have to navigate through unrealistic expectations clients may have when they show piercers Instagram and Pinterest images. Sometimes these pictures display poorly placed piercings like horizontal tongues, tight fitting rings in nostrils, and the infamous Daith piercing that people once believed is a migraine cure.

The most recent example is the term “curated” being used to describe piercing services. A piercer’s YouTube video has recently become popular for the use of the word curated and now studios like ours have clients asking if this is something we do. Taken literally, every piercing is curated. We always examine a client’s anatomy and personal style based on their existing piercings and jewelry, then help them select jewelry and piercings that will be most flattering for them. Body piercing, while fashionable, is an accessory to the personal style we all already have.
Our personal styles are always changing, so a piercing studio and its piercers must stay on top of trends as they evolve. When you visit our showroom you’re always going to find new things. It would be a huge mistake for our selection to remain stagnant month to month. There’s a lot of competition in the body jewelry industry and our designers are always trying to out-do each other. Our job, in the studio, is to pay close attention to what you, our clients, want and what the jewelry designers have to offer each month. Each of our clients is an individual and we take great care make sure they love their piercings and jewelry as we meticulously help them select each. This is the very heart of curating.

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