Long Beach Body PIercing
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At certain times of the year, like winter and summer holidays, we have a lot of clients who take their jewelry out when visiting family (or other similar situations.)  If you’re not experienced with removing and reinserting your jewelry you may need a little help.  We suggest never going without jewelry in your piercing when you don’t have to,  but if you do, start by seeing a professional.  

A piercer will be able to remove your jewelry without damaging to the piece and with as little trauma to the piecing as possible.  We’re here to help of course, but you may find a qualified piercer near your destination who can help you in a pinch.  Please remember that jewelry in the piercing is the only guarantee you have of your piercing staying open.  Once the jewelry is out the piercing may start to shrink or even close completely.  

Removing the jewelry, on purpose or on accident, is the same as telling your body you don’t want the piercing to stay open any longer.  So always reinsert your jewelry as soon as possible.  We have clients for example who may remove or accidentally lose their jewelry in the evening and go the night without anything in the piercing.  They go to work the next day and visit the studio after many hours have passed.  Many of these people will be disappointed when they no longer have a piercing!

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