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APP member John Johnson from New Flower Studio in Long Beach spoke to health inspectors and other environmental health specialists in Sandusky, OH at the NWOEHA 2023 educational conference in October.

This educational event was held at the popular Kalahari Resort in Sandusky which has a very large and modern convention center. This was the perfect venue for an educational conference like this.

As a member of the Association of Professional Piercers’ Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee, John works with environmental health specialists regularly providing body piercing information when needed. He was asked to provide two presentations for the Northwest Ohio Environmental Health Association’s educational conference.

John’s first presentation was on the topic of modern body piercing, describing to attendees how piercing has evolved from the 1970’s up to today. He covered the topics of early instruments, jewelry standards, and techniques and how these same topics look today.

He also gave a presentation on sterilization techniques, products, and equipment in a modern body piercing studio. Ohio’s health inspectors were very eager to hear a professional piercer discuss the many methods and variations of in-house sterilization methods.

There were of course many other speakers and great presentations. Educational conferences like these offer great opportunities for speakers to watch each other deliver their presentations and learn from one another. John always takes advantage of the chance to observe other speakers and this conference in Ohio had many great presentations.

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