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Genital and Nipple Piercing

Female Genital Piercing

Genital piercing, and nipple piercings, are a rewarding experience for many people. Of course a genital piercing can be decorative like all the common piercings you’re already familiar with, but they can also be functional. Piercing enthusiasts often graduate to nipple and genital piercing after collecting many of the popular basics. For lots of clients who’ve worn many piercings over the years this is a logical choice. They already know they enjoy wearing jewelry in the body and want to try something new.

Others however, don’t appreciate piercing as a hobby or fashion statement, but are still attracted to these types of piercings. It may seem surprising, but many of our clients first and only piercings are nipples and genitals. Like all piercings, suitable anatomy is vital and clients need examination. If these piercings are something you’re interested in visit the studio for a consultation and we’ll let you know what may or may not work for you. You’ll also find more pictures in our printed portfolios. 

Genital Piercing History

If you’re looking at this page out of pure curiosity you’re not alone. This part of our website gets a tremendous amount of visitors. It’s not something most people are exposed to regularly and we’re glad you’re here. If your knowledge and experience with body piercing is limited to ears, belly buttons, nostrils, and cute little gems you don’t know the half of it, as they say. You’re probably aware that there’s at least cultural relevance to body art throughout human history.

But piercing, as we know it today, really came from the gay S&M community of Hollywood in the mid 70’s via Gauntlet. However, piercing really entered the mainstream with the Aerosmith video that shows Alicia Silverstone getting her navel pierced with John Johnson’s friend and colleague Paul King. We’ve sure come a long way, but never forget, what we do today has it’s roots in sexually themed piercing. If this is something you ever want to talk about don’t be shy about coming in. We can always speak in private and answer your questions. Consultations can also be booked online.

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