Long Beach Body PIercing
Locally Owned

By Destiny
New Flower Studio’s mission is to provide a unique experience for our clientele. One of the ways we achieve this is by actively ensuring our clients safety in ways that other studios may not. When it comes to a specific piercing, we use the unique features of the client’s anatomy to place the jewelry and of course we use only the safest possible materials. Our showroom features an array of implant grade titanium, solid 14K gold, and solid 18K gold body jewelry. 

Such as these GORGEOUS solid 18K Anatometal curved barbells! 

Most gold body jewelry is 14K, with the “k” standing for karat which is the amount of pure gold in the alloy (the mix of metals that give gold its functionality.) The reason the majority of gold body jewelry is 14K is the practicality for the specific piece. The higher the gold content, the softer the piece is. Since body jewelry is generally semi-permanent, we need it to be durable enough for long term wear.

Still, 18K gold body jewelry is available, but at a higher price due to the higher percentage of gold in the alloy. 18K jewelry has a very similar in look to 14K but are a bit brighter due to the higher gold percentage. 

Although 14k gold contains a little less pure gold it is sometimes favored over 18K because of its durability. The higher the amount of gold in the alloy the softer the metal is, therefore the more susceptible to being scratched, which is why 14K is more common in a professional piercing studio. Some solid 18K gold pieces are however available in our studio.

We look forward to assisting you on your piercing journey with jewelry you can love for a long time.

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