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January’s Gemstone
Garnet has been the gemstone for the month of January since the 15th century. It is also the zodiac birthstone for Capricorn and Aquarius. Its name derives from the Greek word “granatum,” which means pomegranate seed. It was added to the list of birthstones by the National Association of Jewelers in 1912. 

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Garnet has been used in jewelry and valued as far back as 3800 BC. To the ancient Egyptians it was seen as a symbol of good health. Over the years garnet has also been seen as a symbol of peace, deep friendship, and thought to enhance karma when worn. Some believe this gemstone can calm anxiety, cheer the heart, encourage guidance, and inspire creativity. 

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Although garnet is commonly associated with the color red, these gemstones can be found in almost any color (blue being the most rare) and are used for jewelry of all types. The largest garnet found was discovered underground in New York City, below Broadway and 7th street, it was the size of a bowling ball. 

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Fun fact: Garnets are the suggested gift for the second wedding anniversary!

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