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New Flower Studio’s John Johnson is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) and a member of their Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee. He sometimes travels to environmental health events to deliver piercing presentations.


John recently traveled to Missoula, Montana to speak to health inspectors in that state about piercing safety. Last year he visited Ohio and Alabama to speak to regulators.

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The Montana Environmental Health Association’s (MEHA) event was three great days of education and networking between regulators and industry representatives. These conferences are necessary to keep health codes and inspectors aware of industry trends and advancements.

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Like all conferences, the event began with a morning orientation with a keynote speaker. MEHA’s 2024 guest was rap artist Christian Parrish Takes the Gun. Inspirational speakers help get educational events like this off to a great start.

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John delivered two presentations, sterilization practices and safety in the piercing room. Both sessions were well attended and inspectors had great interest in the topics.


Montana’s health inspectors were excited to have an APP educator visit from California. The state of Montana is in the early stages of updating their body art health codes and attendees were eager to hear new information.

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Event organizers made space for a “wellness room” with sound bowls and emotional support dogs. This was a nice place to spend a little time away from the noise of the conference area.

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Body piercer John Johnson was a roundtable facilitator during a breakfast session. Not many days start with piercing safety conversations between regulators and industry specialists.

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Inspectors were free to ask John his opinion on any body piercing topic. Many wanted to continue hearing about points he made during his piercing presentations.

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