Congratulations to our very own Monica Sabin who was just elected to the Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Piercers. At this time her official position hasn’t been determined. But, she already does a lot of committee work for the APP and we know she’ll do great in her three year term as an official leader of the only organization representing body piercing health and safety.

Monica’s involvement with the association is evidence of how well she fits in at New Flower Studio. Our history with the APP goes back quite far. New Flower’s John Johnson is a former APP Board member. Our piercer Eric “Squeeze” Anderson is also a former board member. Chris Glunt, who pierced with us for a couple years was a board member at that time. John Johnson’s mentor, who we’ve written about recently was on the first elected board in the 1990’s, and his first apprentice, Crystal Sims from Evolution, also went on to be an APP board member. 

Next time you’re in the studio congratulate her for earning the support and trust of her colleagues in the industry. We’re all very proud of her.

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