New Flower Studio Body Piercing

We hope you’re as excited to be back in our studio as we are. The date is coming so be prepared for Friday, June 26th. As body art services around the world, country, state, county, and city resume our industry is being forced to evolve. This evolution looks different in different regions and from studio to studio.

Our studio is currently making the adjustments necessary to meet the city and state’s guidelines and making sure each staff member is trained on new protocols and policies that keep us safe and compliant.

In preparing the studio to reopen we’ve reached out to our piercing colleagues around the country to ask what challenges they’ve experienced as they’ve reopened.

Here is the list of responses we got:
1. Clients not understanding that appointments are required for everything
2. No call/no shows
3. Tardiness
4. Not waiting in their car until their appointments
5. Not bringing people in a group
6. Not understanding the limit of customers in the studio
7. Not understanding that we aren’t offering any services on the nose or mouth
8. Not wearing a mask / wearing one properly
9. Not maintaining 6ft distance
10. Not following instructions from staff

We understand change is difficult and new policies might seem unnecessary. However, the pandemic is not over and change is inevitable. Our studio’s operating protocols will always be posted here and we’ll be blogging regularly as we continue to follow global health and industry updates. If our current studio protocols are too strict for you we as that you wait until they’re relaxed before scheduling an appointment. Thanks for your cooperation.

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