What do you do when no studios are allowing the removal of face coverings on-site, and you have an unwanted visit from a “piercing bump”, remain calm and read on. At a time where clients are unable to get in person trouble shooting for their nostril piercings due to COVID-19, it’s important to become an informed piercee. The same aspects of proper jewelry sizing, pressure, and aftercare come into consideration with the added factor of a mask.

Masks should fit comfortably while completely covering the nose and mouth.

When properly fitted, a mask forms a seal preventing the spread of large respiratory droplets from entering or exiting the wearers person, this same seal if improperly placed, or too large a diameter/rise of jewelry is used, can lead to aches or the dreaded “piercing bump”.

When donning and removing your masks, please use caution to avoid snagging your nose jewelry.

Continued irritation and pressure could lead to a less than ideal angled piercing, and take away from desired your aesthetic. So what can be done? Discuss with your piercer.

Mask brackets like this may help support a mask for comfort and prevent snagging of nostril jewelry.

Look into silicone “face savers” for under your mask, and return to your aftercare regimen, and most important of all, listen to your body. If something feels off your body will tell you, and while we can help ease, we cannot force healing.

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