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Updated 12-3-2022
The content below was originally created during the pandemic closures of professional body piercing studios during the beginning and peak of the COVID19 pandemic. It has remained a popular page with visitors to our website. We’ve updated the content without changing the context or perspective of the original version.

What do you do when no studios are allowing the removal of face coverings on-site, and you have an unwanted visit from a “piercing bump”, remain calm and read on. At a time where clients are unable to get in-person trouble shooting for their nostril piercings due to COVID-19 restrictions, it’s important to become an informed piercee. The same aspects of proper jewelry sizing, style, materials, and aftercare are still considerations, now with the added factor of a mask.

Masks should fit comfortably while completely covering the nose and mouth.

When properly fitted, a mask forms a seal minimizing the spread of large respiratory droplets from entering or exiting the wearer’s mouth and nose. Masks that fit too tight may increase the probability of snagging on jewelry. Also, nostril jewelry, usually a stud, with a large decorative top, can contribute to snagging. Studs for the nose (and lip piercings) come in different lengths to rest properly in a client’s body. These studs can be changed to different lengths multiple times over the life of a piercing. An unsuitable relationship between jewelry and masks can lead to irritation or the dreaded “piercing bump”.

When donning and removing your masks, please use caution to avoid snagging your nose jewelry. Remove your mask by pulling away from the face and not in an upward or downward direction. Also, move slowly so that you can correct your movements if you detect your jewelry is caught in the fibers of the mask.
Yellow gold design in Nostril.

Allowing external forces (like a mask) to be a continued source of irritation and pressure could lead to a less than ideal angled piercing, and take away from desired your aesthetic. So what can be done? Discuss your issues with your piercer. Visit a studio’s website or give them a call to learn about any relevant policies. Some piercing studios offer limited services and others appointment requirements.

Mask brackets like this may help support a mask for comfort and prevent snagging of nostril jewelry.

We’ve seen success with clients wearing “face savers” under their mask, and be sure to follow aftercare guidelines given to you by your trusted piercer, and most important of all, listen to your body. If a piercing is struggling your body will respond with a range of symptoms, pay close attention and always reach out to a professional body piercer for direction.

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