We’ve blogged before about body jewelry found on websites like Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay before. In fact, there’s too many online body jewelry sellers than we can count. Shopping online is never without some risk. With body jewelry we need to be prepared for low quality materials and craftsmanship in addition to buying the proper size and style we might need. Many piercing clients won’t know the specifics of what they need.

The image above shows a fascinating piece of jewelry a client recently brought through our door. This is a ring made for a Prince Albert (PA) piercing. A PA is a type of penis piercing, you can see images here. The initial jewelry for a PA is almost always a captive bead ring which is the most ideal choice for healing. Long term, curved and circular barbells are desirable for a lot of people. All these jewelry options are available in many sizes as well as multiple materials to met the desires of the one who wears a Prince Albert.

No matter how we quantify the properties jewelry to determine the good from the bad, nothing is more important than whether or not it be comfortably worn. Poor quality material? Uncomfortable. Wrong size? Uncomfortable. Sharp edges? Uncomfortable. Regardless of the reason for discomfort, no one can successfully wear uncomfortable jewelry long term.

The ring we’ve photographed for this post has some really remarkable design flaws that can only be the result of its creator not understanding how jewelry interacts with the body it’s inside. Being two completely separate halves means there’s two seams that can, and will, rotate into the piercing as the jewelry moves with the body’s movement. Each seam has two edges. Regular wear of this ring can only result in these edges scraping against the piercing channel inside the body.

Also, you can see the ring was held together by a threaded screw. There’s an obvious large opening that allows the wearer to access this screw. While not necessarily sharp, the edge of that opening can only cause damage while it shuffles and shifts through the channel. In fact, since it’s the lightest part of the ring, it will likely spend the most time inside the channel. Like we pointed out, as the body moves the jewelry moves too. Keep a feature like that opening with its edge in the piercing moving around and you won’t wear this piece very long.

The solution to this client’s very irritated Prince Albert piercing was a high quality circular barbell without the complicated features designed into the piece we see here. Subscribe to our monthly studio email for more content like this.

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