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Get ready for a new year of style and fashion with Peach Fuzz, a soft color that sits between pink and orange, again, Pantone has made a great choice for 2024.

Peach Fuzz

Body piercers around the world, like us, wait patiently each December for Pantone to make the big announcement, the Color of the Year. Our industry’s top jewelry designers will be selling jewelry in 2024 that blends with, and compliments, the beautiful Peach Fuzz.

Peach Fuzz

Body piercing is many things, and something different for each person. It has it’s edgy or rebellious side for some. Furthermore, for others it has religious or cultural implications. It’s part artistic and part scientific at the same time. For body piercers like those at New Flower Studio in Long Beach, piercing is about style and the unique fashion sense each visitor brings with them.

Peach Fuzz

You can see pantone’s great video about Peach Fuzz here. How Does Pantone Select the Pantone Color of the Year? See an interview with Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute.

Body piercers rely on Pantone because every client has style, and every client is unique in many ways other than just their anatomical features. A modern body piercer has a keen eye for when to blend in, and when to compliment. Using this skill they guide clients into body jewelry they’ll feel great wearing. That means jewelry that seamlessly fits their look yet stands out at the same time.

Look for complimentary shades of blue in our showroom this year along with peach colored jewelry in harmony with this year’s Color of the Year!

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