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We offer private red cross training in Long Beach, California

New Flower Red Cross Training

Many people in Long Beach, California need First Aid / CPR certificates. Babysitters, teachers, coaches, and anyone who works outdoors are some of the most likely people who might need this training for work. But accidents and other emergencies can happen anytime. You could be anywhere, at anytime, when the unexpected happens. Most people have had Red Cross training at some point, but these certificates are currently only valid for two years. We offer private courses for individuals and small groups up to eight. Contact us for more information

$120 for a single person
$110 each for two people
$90 each for three- four people
$75 each for five or more people

Contact us for more information

Body piercers wishing to join the APP will need to have a current Red Cross First Aid/CPR certificate. See the membership application here. If you live in the Los Angeles area we can provide this training and help you get closer to your membership. Call John at 562-363-5003 and learn about scheduling a session. Joining the APP helps strengthen the safety and quality of body piercing where you live and we’d like to help.

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