Finally, and once again, we’re seeing a change in the stay at home orders that bring us closer to reopening.

In the January 27th press release the city says it will now allow the reopening of certain industries like body piercing and tattooing.

The image below is from the state’s website.

It is true that on January 25th the state removed the order that kept piercing and tattoo studios closed for so long. However, this is only concretely true on the state level. Everyone in California is still required to follow orders by their county environmental health departments, and in the case of Pasadena and Long Beach, city health departments. This means reopening won’t be consistent throughout the state.

Here in the city of Long Beach, it took an extra couple days after the state’s change in orders. We’re now allowed to reopen since the Long Beach city’s website was finally updated. When there are new Health Orders and Protocols, they’ll always be posted here.

The video above is a short clip from a presentation by the city on Monday the 26th, 2021. We’ve edited the video down to this short clip where a city health official says body art can now reopen. Of course when calling the health department directly they said this decision is not official until the city’s website contains the new Health Orders and Protocols. They were behind their own schedule, but you can now see it here.

Our studio has already submitted spore tests that verify our autoclaves sterilize properly. Once these laboratory reports are available we’ll be allowing appointments to be scheduled online.