Long Beach Body PIercing
Locally Owned

After 102 days we’ve finally gotten back to our art, body piercing. You’re probably aware of the new operating protocols body art studios like ours have. If not, click here. We’ve spoken to many piercers around the country in the last month to hear their reopening stories. Piercers are reporting lots of issues getting their clients to observe or understand the new manner in which we work.

We’re happy to report that by the end of our first day we think we had it easy compared to many of our colleagues. It’s no secret to our piercing staff that we have really incredible clients. Because of that, our first day back went smoothly. Fortunately, our clients always seem to trust our judgement and so far understand we’re still in a pandemic and that all of us need to work differently now, together.

Our first day back was completely booked in advance, and shortly after, the first few days were booked. We had plenty of phone calls with people asking for appointments and several people arrived asking for walk-in availability. But almost everyone was able to understand our requirement for online scheduling only for appointments. In fact we only had one single person no-cal-no-show and we think that’s better than what most studios are experiencing around the U.S.

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