The process of assessing hazards in a business is always important. Under new circumstances, like COVID19, we have to reconsider the standard operating procedures we already have and identify their shortcomings.

In body piercing for example, we work with human blood and sharps (needles) so we must work within the parameters of the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. Now we have to identify and address COVID19 related risks.

Since contact with our own clients is in itself a risk, we have to find ways to minimize that contact. Of the many engineering and environmental controls we have, limiting (temporarily) access to our studio to one single customer at a time is part our plan. If you’ve scheduled an appointment (required online) we’re asking you to remain in your car and call us when you’ve arrived at our studio, after filling out your consent form and COVID19 agreement on the website.

Our solution to keeping out customers without appointments is the installation of a push-paddle lock that allows anyone inside to exit freely while keeping the door locked to those on the outside. This is our best option to managing the flow of people into our studio. If you arrive at our piercing studio in Long Beach you’ll find the door to be locked, even if we’re inside.