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John Johnson

Body Piercing Educator

DOB: 02/26/1973
CONTACT: johnj@safepiercing.org
ONLINE: app.mclms.net/en/

John Johnson is a piercing educator and member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). He’s a member of committees developing curriculum, policies, and guidance for body art safety, General Industry OSHA trainer, and a graduate of Central Sterilization Solutions in Los Angeles. John is the host of the Discussions in Body Art podcast.

John Johnson entered the field of body piercing in 1998 and has been an educator since 2007. As a member of the Association of Professional Piercers’ (APP) he exhibits on behalf of the APP at environmental and public health conferences around the U.S. and represents the association on the AFDO, BAEA, and NEHA body art committees.

John is also a member of the APP’s curriculum committee which develops educational offerings for three annual events and as an OSHA trainer he manages the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard training courses on the APP’s online learning platform. 

John is a graduate of Central Sterilization Solutions’ technician’s program in Los Angeles and enthusiastic about sharing decontamination and sterilization information with body piercing professionals. He’s also very passionate about bridging the gap between body art practitioners and regulators.  

Additionally, he owns New Flower Studio Body Piercing in Long Beach, California, is a former APP Vice President, co-author of the APP’s 2013 Procedure Manual, is a member of (and Subject Matter Expert for) NEHA, maintains a piercing blog and monthly newsletter at newflowerstudio.com, hosts the Discussions in Body Art podcast.


  • 2010 APP Volunteer Award recipient
  • 2020 APP President’s Award recipient
  • Former APP Conference Committee Member
  • Former producer of the APP podcast
  • Former APP quarterly journal and blog contributor
  • APP Curriculum Committee Member
  • APP Legislative Committee Member
  • NEHA Body Art Committee Member
  • AFDO Body Art Committee Member
  • BAEA Body Art Committee Member
  • Red Cross Instructor
  • General Industry OSHA Trainer
  • NEHA video producer


  • Body Piercing Basics for Piercers
  • Grounding & Bedside Manner for Piercers
  • Hazard Communications for Piercing Facilities
  • Exposure Control Plans for Body Piercing Facilities
  • Facility Inspection Training for Regulators
  • Decontamination & Sterilization for Piercing Facilities
  • Overview of Body Piercing Safety for Health Inspectors
  • Body Piercing Advancements for Health Inspectors
  • Body Piercing Sterilization Practices for Health Inspectors
  • Decontamination and Sterilization Safety for Studio Owners
  • Body Piercing Safe Practices
  • Health Inspector Q&A

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