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We must once again make the unfortunate announcement of the passing of one of our industry family members. Alicia Cardenas, owner of Sol Tribe, was one of the victims, along with studio manager Alyssa Maldonado, of the December 27th mass shooting in Denver. Alyssa’s husband James Maldonado was also shot, but survived.

Many of the gold rings we place in nostril and ear cartilage piercings were created in the back of her Denver studio. Some of you reading this are wearing jewelry that may have passed through her hands. 

Alicia was (is) a highly respected figure in the body piercing universe. She was a former president of the Association of Professional Piercers, a long time instructor, and an activist in her community. The 2008 image below shows Alicia Cardenas, Art Aguirre, Elayne Angel, and New Flower’s John Johnson after teaching a class together in Las Vegas.

It was Alicia who, when APP president, first made the offer to John Johnson to teach a class to other piercers in Las Vegas at the association’s conference. Alicia contributed to the careers of more piercers than can be counted and the size of this loss cannot be measured.

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