New Flower Studio Body Piercing

Constellation Piercings

Using the term “constellation” to refer to a set of piercings is not exactly new. Not too long ago the catch phrase “curated ear” was being used by clients to describe custom ear piercing projects to accommodate their specific anatomy. The thing is, this is normal practice for any piercer, we’ve always worked with the […]

COVID19 Protocols Training

The city of Long Beach requires social distancing protocols to be established for businesses who have reopened and additional standards for personal care establishments, which includes body art like tattooing and body piercing studios. The state of California also has their own requirements for a COVID19 Worksite specific plan. Our piercing studio is, and will […]

Can I get a tattoo or piercing in Long Beach?

On June 10th the state of California announced body art studios (like piercing and tattooing) can reopen with industry specific guidelines in place. These guidelines include the prohibition of nose and oral piercings. However, individual counties, and the city of Long Beach, have the right to extend the suspension of body art services regardless of […]

Need to Hide a Piercing?

Here’s what you have to consider There are lot’s of great reasons to wear a piercing. You won’t have to explain yourself to too many people why you have them. But there are still times when you have to hide a¬†piercing. Unfortunately this isn’t usually easy or¬†practical and often just not possible. You probably hear […]