Can I Wear a Mask with Ear Piercings?

During the nearly eight months of being closed we received countless emails from people having piercing issues, almost all of the nose and mouth, and almost all seemingly a result of masks. The combination of the long hours we wear masks throughout each day and the number of times we may be removing and replacing […]

Body Piercing and Tattoo Reopening Date is Set for Long Beach Studios

On Tuesday, October 20th, the state of California allowed body art services like piercing and tattooing to resume in the remaining counties where these services were still prohibited. Once the state made this decision, the city of Long Beach decided to wait until Los Angeles County’s health department made an announcement about reopening before they […]

California’s Updated COVID19 Guideline for Tattoo and Piercing

10/22/2020As a result of the state’s removal of the body art ban, Cal/OSHA has issued an update to the original guidelines for Expanded Personal Care services. This includes body art like piercing and tattooing. Cal/OSHA is the state agency that oversees worker safety in California. Please be aware that despite the state now allowing body […]

Tattooing and Body Piercing Reopening in California

10/20/20 The state of California’s weekly update to the COVID19 Map has finally reflected a change of status for body art. While still in the purple tier, LA County body piercers and tattooers are no longer prevented by the state from legally opening their doors. Be aware this doesn’t mean LA County studio’s are immediately […]

Reopening and COVID19 Risk Management

The process of assessing hazards in a business is always important. Under new circumstances, like COVID19, we have to reconsider the standard operating procedures we already have and identify their shortcomings. In body piercing for example, we work with human blood and sharps (needles) so we must work within the parameters of the Bloodborne Pathogens […]

100 Days of Being Closed

If all goes well, we’ll limit the number of days without business to 102. The city has approved body art studios like tattoo and piercing to reopen in Long Beach on Friday, June 26th. This means many studios are busy at this time reorienting themselves to operate in a new world full of COVID19 considerations. […]

Body Art Education Alliance COVID19 Release

In October of 2019 the Body Art Education Alliance (BAEA) completed a massive project to overhaul the significantly outdated Body Art Model Code (BAMC). Established by the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO), the Association of Professional Piercers (APP), the Alliance of Professional Tattooists (APT), and many other […]

COVID19 Protocols Training

The city of Long Beach requires social distancing protocols to be established for businesses who have reopened and additional standards for personal care establishments, which includes body art like tattooing and body piercing studios. The state of California also has their own requirements for a COVID19 Worksite specific plan. Our piercing studio is, and will […]

New Studio Etiquette in Body Piercing

We hope you’re as excited to be back in our studio as we are. The date is coming so be prepared for Friday, June 26th. As body art services around the world, country, state, county, and city resume our industry is being forced to evolve. This evolution looks different in different regions and from studio […]

Body Art Reopening in Long Beach June 26th

The mayor of Long Beach, Robert Garcia, announced today via Long Beach TV webcasts that body art like piercing and tattoo studios in our city may reopen on Friday, June 26th. Here are some resources to familiarize yourself with if you’re interested in how body piercing is expected to operate during this COVID19 pandemic.The state’s […]